Harvesting Updates - 2021

Updates provided by Bob Fohey, Supervisor and Gary Kershaw, Harvest Chair. Questions and comments are appreciated. 

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Week of 6/14

East side: We started cutting in segment 3 on Monday, should finish up on the 21st and then we'll  be moving back down to Montello starting again with segment 1. One issue continues: Harvester #6 with the lack of power on #2 conveyor. On 6/23, we will have a professional review this issue and hope to resolve this once and for all. Lake issues still hamper us from getting in certain areas.

West end: We finished up today with segment 7 around noon and moved back down to Freedom Launch starting again on segment 5. Things have gone as expected with minor issues to deal with. Again, lake levels prevented us from cutting laterals to the channel for "Call of the Wild" Campground and in a few other areas. 

Maintenance: Little maintenance was required this week and equipment performed for the most part as it should except for what was mentioned above.

Hoping everyone is satisfied with what has transpired so far this cutting season, we are doing are very best for all lake property owners.

Week of 6/7

East side: We have finished segment 2 at about 90% at end of day 6/10/21. We will complete on 6/14 and will be moving to Hwy C launch on 6/15. Everything is going as it should with little to no issues. Will be cutting segment 3 on 6/15. Had Aquarius here on 6/10 to review Transporter for warranty issue that will be resolved when machine comes out of the water in September. 

West side: We have completed segment 6 at about 85%. We have a few issues with low water levels at 1s and 2s that will hamper ability to cut in this area. We will do our very best to navigate through this. We will move to segment 7 by Call of the Wild Campgrounds on 6/15. Low water levels are playing a huge role on how close we can cut towards shore.

Misc information: We have started to recycle cross rods for equipment belting. In the past when these were removed, they were discarded. Now we are cutting these down to the next size and using a die to re-thread and use over. This stops us from purchasing new. For example, we take a 36" and cut it down to 30", take a 30" and cut it down to 24". We have recycled over 40 so far. Nice cost savings.

Three new employees are doing great, they have exceeded our expectations at this point in their employment. 

Our weed load totals for the first (2) weeks have exceeded last year's totals.

We need rain.

Any questions or comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Week of 6/1

  • Started cutting segment 1 in Montello. As of Friday this will be completed and we will move to segment 2 at the Buffalo Lake Lodge. Everything went as it should.                         

  • Machine #4 started cutting segment 4 and should complete by days end. We will move a little further east on Monday and complete L9 and N15. No issues, just need a little more training for new person cutting.

  • Machine #3 started cutting segment 5 and should finish this on June 8th. After that we'll be moving to segment 6 Hollenbeck Landing. Things went as it should except for a few issues with oldest conveyor. We will need to do some more repair to keep this functioning.

  • For the most part things are going well with only minor issues popping up. New employees are doing well for the first week of cutting. The super stars are on the east end. In 3 days they managed to cut 59 loads which is outstanding!

  • Meeting with Inland Lakes owner Mitch Cole to go over a few issues with equipment on June 5. This is a courtesy call.

  • Don't hesitate to ask for more info if you need it.

Week of 5/24

All equipment is in the water and is ready to start operations on 6/1/21. Training of 5 new employees happened this past week. We have 4 new people on the Harvesters and 1 new Dump Truck driver. We are still having issues with both older conveyors due to the steel construction and  having to deal with water on a daily basis. Rust and metal wear has taken its toll on both. Hoping to make it through the year without much downtime. Both of the older Harvesters are showing their age, #4 has developed leaks in barge that required weld repair this year and most of the compartments inside steel barge have separated due to condensation and water from leakage. #3 Harvester needed  a partial rebuild on #1 conveyor assembly. Both units had multiple Hyd motors replaced. #3 still has a lack of power on #3 conveyor and will only accept a 50% load of weeds, if fully loaded it will not offload. #6 Harvester has a similar issue with #2 conveyor, it will not operate if loaded more than 50%. We will be checking motors per instruction from Aquarius, if this is good we will need to get manufacturer to investigate further for resolution. Would make a suggestion to the board that we start to review/discuss a plan to look at replacing one or both (#3 & #4) of these very soon. To continue investing large sums of money to repair these is not in the best interest of Lake Association. An overall assessment was found that proper care, cleaning, and maintenance has been lacking over previous years. New log sheets were created for Cutters and Transporter and will be implemented June 1st. Brought in a load of gravel to help repair low area in the yard, this had given us issues for years.