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Invasive species found in Lake Emery

Starry Stonewort, an invasive species, has been found in Lake Emery. Starry Stonewort can reduce fish spawning habitats, overtake other vegetation, and create problems for boat motors. Here's a link to the DNR website to learn more about it. 

Although currently it has not been found in Buffalo Lake, this serves as a reminder that we need to be vigilant in following good habits to prevent the spread of invasive species. Once established, Starry Stonewort has proven difficult to eliminate, making prevention our most effective option. To stop the spread of invasive plants it is imperative that you clean your boats, live wells, trailers, wheels, gear, etc. All it takes is for one small piece of this plant to get into Buffalo Lake and it will spread.

Let's all work together to keep this invasive species out of Buffalo Lake.

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