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Fish Committee

The purpose of the Fish Committee is to raise funds to purchase fish to stock Buffalo Lake. The funds are raised by selling advertising to local businesses. If you would like to become an advertiser, please contact one of the committee co-chairs listed below. Advertisers are updated on an annual basis on May 15. 

Committee Co-Chairs:

Paul Ratzburg 262-945-8023

Gary Doudna 608-297-2915

Board Rep:

Bernie Sosinsky


Fish Event Advisor:

Mike Puterbaugh

Participants: Dan Braaksma

Fish Committee Minutes/Notes/Reports


2024 Fish Stocking

2023 Fish Survey 

August 18, 2023 Meeting Agenda

Marquette County Tribune Article

2023 Fish Stocking

2023 Stocking Permit

2023 Stocking Receipt

Fish Stocking Summary November 2022

August 25, 2022 DRAFT MINUTES

August 2022 Summary of Committee Activity

May 2022 DNR Fish Count

February 12, 2022

August 14, 2021

June 12, 2021

DNR Walleye Movement Study

Update November 2022 >

Announcement May 2022 >

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