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Lake level adjustment made on May 20

According to DNR regulations currently in place, the level of Buffalo Lake as measured at the Montello Dam will change on May 20. The summer maximum level is 8.5 feet. Find more information on the Lake Level committee and regulations here > 

Petititon to increase lake level

Update: DNR requests additional information  

Last year, Buffalo Lake District petitioned the DNR to make changes to the lake level process currently in place. In March 2022, we received a response to our petition requesting additional information. You can find the DNR response here > 

Fishing on Buffalo Lake 

Walleye study being conducted on upper Fox River 

A new sonic tagging study is underway on the Winnebago System to evaluate adult walleye movement and habitat use on the system including the Wolf and upper Fox Rivers. During fall 2021, DNR staff tagged 74 adult walleye with internal sonic tags on Lake Winnebago. For 2022, staff will focus tagging efforts on Lake Puckaway and the upper Fox River. 

All sonic tagged fish are marked with an orange loop tag near the dorsal fin that reads, RESEARCH REWARD. Anglers that catch a sonic-tagged fish are asked to report their catch. A $100 reward will be given with proper confirmation. Find more information about reporting a catch here > 

FREE nutrient-rich compost 

We're looking for additional weed dropoff sites

Attention: farmers, gardeners and land owners! The harvesting committee on Buffalo Lake is looking for additional sites to drop off weeds during the 2022 harvest season. The weeds decompose in less than one year and become nutrient rich compost. Last year, we had over 1,400 truck loads of lake weeds to distribute. Due to transportation costs and time restrictions, our preference would be for locations within a 10-mile radius of Buffalo Lake. The compost and delivery are free!


If you are interested or know someone who is, contact Gary Kershaw at 608-575-6473 or email