Harvesting Updates - 2022

Updates provided by Bob Fohey, Supervisor and Gary Kershaw, Harvest Chair. Questions and comments are appreciated. Contact Bob Fohey at 262-313-8894 or buffaloweed@maqs.net

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Week of 6/27

Contact information

You can call Bob Fohey at 262-313-8894 anytime between 7am and 4pm Monday thru Thursday for questions, comments, or concerns. If there is no answer, please leave a message and I will return your call. Any other time please send an email to buffaloweed@maqs.net. You will receive a reply within 24 hrs during work days. Emails received Friday thru Sunday will be taken care of on Monday morning.


EAST SIDE: We finished up on Tuesday with Segment 3 and moved down to Buffalo Lake lodge, we should finish things on the South shore on Thursday and move to the north shore mid day. Wind direction changes have hampered things but it is something we just deal with. Water levels have receded over the last week and some shore lines are not accessible to the harvesters. We should finish up in Segment 2 by Wednesday sometime. For the most part equipment ran as it should.


WEST SIDE: We finished up down by the Campgrounds on Segment 7 on Monday and moved back down to Freedom launch and Segment 5. Things look good in that area and Thursday we are working to flush some of the piers out, we hope to get to both sides by end of day Tuesday. By end of next week we are hoping to be back down on Segment 6. Equipment is performing well so far with only minor adjustments being required.


The new group of people that has been assembled is really doing well, they’ve learned a lot and are getting more efficient every day. In my opinion it’s the best team of concerned workers this district has had in a long time. They appreciate the positive comments from all the lake property owners!

District site

We had a load of gravel delivered this week from Dick Wampler and a local that volunteered to level it out with his skidsteer for us. This is needed to get ready for delivery of the new office/storage building which is coming on July 5th. Our larger storage building should start in the 1st half of July with an anticipated completion by the end of the month.

We signed up with Marquette County to get fuel from county garage, it’s approximately $1.50/gal less than the gas stations. Hopefully it stays that way and we should see some good savings.

Please enjoy a safe and fun 4th of July!

Week of 6/20

Introduction to team members

East side: Rich Mcfaul: Transport operator/Harvester, James Weber: Harvester, Larry Witt: Harvester, Mike Wergin: Harvester/Transport operator, Mark Carney: Truck driver.

West side: Dan Braaksma: Harvester, Matt Blouin: Truck driver.

Tom Spinnato: Utility person

Bob Fohey: Supervisor

Harvest update:

East side: We completed Segment 1 in town on Tuesday and moved back down to Segment 3 (hwy C landing); we concentrated on the South shore due to heavy weed concentrations. For the most part things went well and all equipment operated as it should. Plan is to finish this by end of day Tuesday and move down to Segment 2.

West side: We finished up on Tuesday as well in Segment 6 and moved down to the campgrounds for Segment 7 on Wednesday morning. We were glad we did as the weeds were heavy and lake owners were having issues using their piers for fishing and boating. We had a hiccup late Thursday with our conveyor that stopped us but we should be back up on Monday morning. That conveyor was purchased in 1988 so it’s seen its better days. We hope to be back down in Segment 5 by Tuesday.

I visited a few lake owners during the week that had some concerns and for the most part I believe after conversation everyone had a better understanding going forward. If you have issues that aren’t being addressed to your liking please give me a call or send me an email, we can’t resolve your issues if we’re not aware of them.

Site updates: Our storage building/shed construction should start next month and our office/work shed will be delivered in the next 10 days.

We encourage all of you to come to the meetings for info or concerns, participation is good.

Week of 6/13


Building permit has been approved for our new shed (45x60) and our new office.

Our new Inland Conveyor was placed at the Lodge Monday and put into use, a few minor modifications are needed in the future but it’s working just fine.


Our Harvester #7 has been having problems with the alternator all week, a replacement was ordered and will be installed on 6/17. Thanks to Dan B. this week as he kept it cutting down in Segment 6 by alternating batteries.

Harvester #5 developed a Hyd leak and with the help of Jim W. we were able to get it back in action with only minor downtime.

EAST Side:

We finished harvesting weeds in Segment 3 and moved down to Segment 2 on Monday, the guys did well and finished up today and due to high winds we moved down to Segment 1 this afternoon. We also harvested weeds up in Segment 4 with our old Aquamarine harvester and concentrated on the north shore for most of the week. Mike W. is one of our new employees and he’s really doing well. All equipment performed well with little to no issues.

WEST  Side:

Dan B. ran Harvester #7 in Segment 6 this week, he did really well on the west side of the trestle, he’ll be back at it Monday working on the east side and then moving down to the campgrounds on Segment 7. Machine ran well except for issues with alternator which we’ll take care of on Friday.


Weather and wind played havoc with us again this week but for the most part the guys were able to work through it, says a lot for the type of people we have this year!

You are seeing quite a bit of duck weed right now and that’s something the harvesters are unable to pick up, just making everyone aware.

If you have issues and need to get a hold of me you can send an email to buffaloweed@maqs.net or call Bob Fohey (Supervisor) at 262-313-8894. Again, questions or comments are welcome.

Week of 6/6

East Side: Harvesting on East side of lake started in Segment 3, weather was a factor for a couple of days but the guys made the best of a bad situation. We are nearing the end of completing segment 3 and will be moving to Segment 2 (Buffalo Lake Lodge) by the end of the week. No major issues to report, be patient as we have (3) new harvester operators and training was not as good as last years. The DNR did not approve early cutting this year due to a cold, late spring. The guys are really doing a fine job so far with very little on the job training. Minor adjustments on equipment but no major problems.

West Side: Harvesting on West side of Lake started in Segment 5 like every other year, weather issues affected us as well. Some areas are too shallow to get the harvester into but Dan is doing his best to get in every area that needs harvesting. We will be completing this Segment this week and moving down to Hollenbeck’s landing in Segment 6 by end of week. Have had one issue on a harvester that popped up this week is the Tachometer stopped working. This isn’t a show stopper as the HATZ diesel engine is made to run wide open by the factory. The one problem we have is the hour meter isn’t working as well. We will investigate this as soon as weather allows. Other than that things are progressing as planned.

Misc info

Some information that you may not be aware of:

  • We have maps that the DNR has approved where we are able to harvest weeds.

  • DNR does not allow us to run harvester between piers, we also need to stay a specified distance out from piers.

  • All shoreline cuts, laterals, and channels have dimensions that the harvesters need to abide by.

We received our new conveyor from Inland Lake Harvester’s on Friday, we will be using this on the East side of the lake. It will be installed on Thursday at Buffalo Lake Lodge for its first use.

We received the final information for our building addition that was approved at the annual meeting back in October, construction should start in July.

During our spring maintenance we took time to do a thorough cleaning on our equipment, this hasn’t been done in a long time. We scrubbed and polished all the stainless steel pontoons on all the equipment to remove iron and other stains so they look like they were back when they were new. We painted all the paddle wheels as well. The (2) old Aquamarine conveyors were cleaned and painted as well. Both Dump trucks were taken care of here versus going to Portage diesel which saved us hundreds of $$, we were lucky to have Mark Carney with us as he was a Diesel Mechanic back in the day!  Both Rich and Mark did a great job helping on PM’s and cleaning, they took great pride in this.