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Weekly Report for June 6, 2023

Neighborhood Watch

We came into work Tuesday morning only to find that we had a visitor that felt he/she needed some of our property more then we did. The Sheriff was called and a report was filed. We also had someone climb aboard our equipment in town and remove items off them as well. If you see anyone on our equipment that is parked at different sites or you see someone at the district property outside working hours/days please call the Sheriffs department immediately. I guess it's time for surveillance cameras.

Thank You to Johnson's Boats & Motors

Want to give a big shout out to the Ladies at Johnson's Boats and Motors in Montello! We were relieved of our portable gas tank on our new trailer conveyor. They found one; changed the fittings to work on our Honda motor; and even filled it up with gas for us! This was unexpected but super appreciated, this doesn't happen as much anymore, it's good to know that there are still good people in our area. Thank You.

Full Team for 2023 Weed Harvesting Season

We have (3) new employees and all are being trained this week, hope to be at full speed soon as training is going well.


Had a couple issues that were resolved within a day or 2. Our new trailer conveyor had a issue and was picked up last week Wednesday and delivered back on Friday by Inland. They responded with same day service worked during the night and had it back where it didn't interfere too much with daily operations. Our New/used Dump truck had an issue with the PTO for dumping and a gas leak and Jimmy at Rhode Auto in Packwaukee took care of it in short order!

East Side

The guys finished up on their 1st initial path on Segment 2 and moved down to Montello, they finished doing a thorough cutting and have since moved back to Segment 3 as of Wednesday. They will be in that area for at least (4) days and then will move back to Segment 2. So far things are going well and employees and equipment are performing well.

West Side

We continued to harvest weeds and training in Segment 5 with (3) new employees, things are progressing. Things should be at full speed very soon as operators are catching on quickly. We should finish up sometime Monday and will move down to Segment 6 by Hollenbeck landing. The weeds right now are at the level we don't normally see until late July or August, not good! Had a couple minor issues with the harvester but we hope these are behind us.

Kind Regards,
Bob Fohey, Supervisor

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