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June 23, 2023 Weekly Updates

With lake levels low due to lack of rain we unable to get into some areas. Some laterals on the west end are too shallow to navigate are harvester through. We will do our best to try and get everything we can but certain areas are out of our control.

East Side
We finished up in Segment 2 early this week and moved to downtown, we finished there by Wednesday afternoon. We then made the trek back down to hwy C landing. Most everything is going well for our crew as they make outstanding headway. Equipment is running as it should and we have plenty of weeds to cut.


West Side
We finished up in Segment 6 by Tuesday and moved down to Lakeview Campgrounds, we cut (2) days there and headed back down to Freedom landing on Segment 5. Shallow water is stopping us from getting closer to the piers in some areas and a few laterals are not accessible. All in all things are going as well as possible. 


Kind regards,
Bob Fohey Supervisor

Map of Buffalo Lake in Wisconsin
Buffalo Lake in Montello, Wisconsin
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