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2019 Board elections were held at the annual meeting on October 12, 2019. Joe Dion and Al Rosenthal were elected to fill the two open positions. Joe was then named Board Chair and Al was named Secretary. Below is some information about them and their goals as members of the board.

Marcel (Joe) Dion

Proud U.S. Navy Veteran, 6 years as a town board supervisor, full time resident.

Contributions to the district: attended all district and committee meetings, serving on the Harvesting Committee and Lake Plan committee, completed grant application for the transporter, presented grant to the (DNR) and got approval for the grant of $63,793.45. Led effort to develop the final requirements for the new transporter, volunteered 4 Saturdays for district site clean-up, obtained GPS data for all district buoys.

Goals – Continue to improve the harvesting operation for all users of the lake. Move the district forward by learning from past mistakes, by combining new ideas with the old. Continue the information flow to the district members and keeping in touch with other districts to share ideas.

Al Rosenthal

I am putting my name in the election at the Annual Meeting for a position on the Board. We purchased our place on Buffalo Lake in 1994 and permanently moved to Packwaukee in 2000. I served on the Buffalo Lake P&R Board for 6 years and served as Treasurer. I feel by being on the Board and living on the lake I can give some history of the lake and what worked and what did not. We have new people getting involved, and that is great and we need those new ideas on how to improve the lake. I am a member of the Golden Sands R, C and D Board and sit on the Water and Lakes Committee, I am the secretary of the Marquette County Lakes Association, and presently on the Marquette County Board and am on the Land & Water Conservation Committee. I feel these connections can be used to the benefit of the Buffalo Lake P&R District.

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