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Weekly Updates for July 7, 2023

Map of Buffalo Lake in Wisconsin
Buffalo Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District

We were shorthanded this week by (4) people, some had procedures that they had scheduled and we had (2) off with prior commitments that were approved at time of hire.

We are still in need of one employee for the remainder of the year so if you know someone please send them our way.

East Side
We finished up Thursday in Segment 2 and moved down to Segment 1 in Montello. We should finish up there on Monday and then move back down to Segment 3 by Hwy C landing at 10th. Things are going well with minor issues on equipment that takes up some of our time but all in all its going pretty good.

West Side

We had to pull our machine out on Monday due to water in the pontoon. We were able to drain the water, find the area with the issue, and get it taken care of quickly. We moved from Freedom launch down to Hollenbecks landing on Wednesday. We should finish up there in a few days and then get down to Lakeview Campgrounds.

Kind regards,
Bob Fohey Supervisor

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